Monday, August 27, 2007

Good-bye Katkoota, Hello Lindsey, by Picasso

Hello everybody, today was the day that I said good-bye to kat, Snowy and Crystal; said hello to my new *forever* mommy. It was not easy at all to leave the crazy gang's house. My new mommy's name is Lindsey. She is a very sweet Australian lady who lives/works in Dubai with her boyfriend and three other ladies. She knows alot about us doggies. She is a funny friendly lady who is just as crazy as kat about dogs!!!
At around 4:30 pm she arrived at our place. Naughty me was playing with Snowy and Crystal's yellow duckie when she arrived. I saw her come in to the living room with Kat. I went and sniffed her then faced kat and started to wag my tail wanting to play. Kat and Lindsey sat and talked about me. I was just busy pulling duckie's fur; while doing so (and acting crazy with duckie), Lindsey couldn't help it but crack up laughing at goofy me......I went after I was done with duckie right to kat. I jumped at the sofa and started to ask kat to play with me. I kept on hearing Lindsey say that I was so very cute and funny. When Lindsey put me on her lap, I was so calm and quiet coz it was my first time to meet her (kat says that I will get used to her and love her as much as I loved kat)

Lindsey loved my name. She studied art at university and says that I look like a paint brush with this hair cut (lots of hair on the head and less on the body), so she is not gonna change my name. By the way, my ex-owners named me Picasso and it never got changed to kat and now to Lindsey.

When it was time for Lindsey to leave, I thought that I was supposed to say goodbye to her, but she was like to me, "lets go and meet the rest at your new home Picasso". Kat grabbed me and gave me a VERY BIG hug!! told me to take good care of myself. She said that I will be missed so bad here, and gave me one of her famous kisses on my precious head. I ,as always, gave her plenty of doggie kisses with my tiny, pink tongue.
Kat said that she is gonna visit me at my new place tomorrow and we will soon be going to the beach *all of us*.

Right after I reached my new place, Lindsey called kat to tell her that I was doing fine. Lindsey is already in love with me. I already made her laugh (am really good at that). She also said that I will be joining her to visit Australia when she goes on vacation (even though Australia has strict rules when emporting a pet, yet she will still take me with her) she does sound like katkoota to me!!

Here is another pic of me and my happy mommy!!

Thank you all for caring about me guys. Thanks for visiting my blog and for all the support that you gave me and katkoota. Am gonna miss her too, but I will VERY VERY soon fall in love with Lindsey.
I also wanted to say good-bye to everyone here since my journey in finding a forever home has ended. Its time to settle down in my new home; continue living as a normal, happy dog
LOTS OF LOVE are being sent from me to you all

Thursday, August 23, 2007

Updates, by Picasso

Hello again guys,
well I have some updates
First of all, I finally met Kat's little borther, and I just LOVE him. I did not know when I first met him that he could be that fun. Kat is just too happy. Kat's little bro is one good fetch player. He is as energetic as I am: throws the ball for me ALL the time to fetch; his laughter makes my tail does a "speed wag"!!
kat gotta take some pictures of the two of us together

Here is the other news:
kat spoke to an Australian lady today regarding adopting me. From just the phone conversation, kat strongly felt that that lady was *the one* for me. Kat and her talk for VERY long time; chatting mainly about me, but then also talked about Snowy, Crystal and the lady's little terrier. kat says that she enjoyed talking to her. Kat did mention to the lady that whoever will adopt me, will get sick of her (kat) coz she will be checking on me from time to time, visiting me and stuff. That lady's reaction was like : we will also hang out together with all the dogs ....

Kat will call her again next Sunday to arrange a meeting..Kat never met that lady so we will see


Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What a difference, by Picasso

Hello everyone,
This is me again. Hope all are doing great. So kat took some photos of me lastnight, and now we wanted to share them with you
I am changing day after day; becoming a better pet. The first day I got to this house, I knew nobody, but kat.

She taught me how is it great to have a best *human* freind. We are partners when it comes to training.

I was not so sure with evrybody though. I was a bit scared because the people who I was living with were mean. So I thought that all human are mean!! Kat's family were nice to me, especially Kat's younger sister. I still did not meet the whole family in person. They heard about me, but we did not meet. I heard that kat has a little brother too, but I did not meet him yet. He is still in Germany with kat's mommy. kat thinks that her lil bro will be a great teacher to me; he is coming back tomorrow, late at night since school starts again on September. I don't know how will I act when seeing him, but kat says that he would be a great teacher to teach me how to not be scared from kids too.

Meeting few more/new people taught me not to stay away from anyone I see for the first time. I still bark at first, but then when they are sweet with me, I just start wagging my tail to them :) The same thing with new dogs except for the doggies who live in our area (I love them all)

One of the things that I also learnt is: to pose for the camera. I stay still, wait for kat to take my pictures then I get a teart :) Take a look at this pic; we have more similar to it ... all of me looking/posing at the camera
am I handsome or what?!

and this is how I look like when I try to tell kat "enough with the photos, lets play now"or I can also attract one of the malts to play with me, by doing this...Here I was doing it to Snowy oh and lastnight, I played with doggie toys for the first time. I never knew how to play with them. Even when kat offered me some toys the first time she brought me home, but I actually played with them lastnight, and now anytime I sit -doing nothing special-, you see me shake one of there toys. I love to play with them. They are so much fun
Here is a clip of me playing with the musical furby

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for caring about me =) I love you all


Tuesday, August 14, 2007

meeting a lady, by katkoota

Hey guys, this is katkoota typing...

First of all, thanks for wishing Picasso good luck

I have some news here: the lady met him today and she seemed very nice to him. At first Picasso did not go close to her, but then when he saw Snowy and Crystal greet her, he went to say hello to her too She was so nice to him and he just ended us sitting on ler lap

I still did not tell her that she is the one for P yet.

I also talked to my good friend in Sweden. She recomended another nice guy living in Dubai who is in love with yorkies. He got one as well. Whatever my Swedish friend says is true LOL, especially when it comes to dog lovers people...I think that I will wait to meet him first....

We want to take it easy in finding the right place in order to come up with the best decision for Picasso :o) I LOVE him so much, it wont be easy letting him go coz I got attached to him - he is my shadow who follows me everywhere---Because I can't keep him, I want him to end up living with people who are crazy about dogs (just like me) to give him what he will be missing in our house

thank you for caring about Picasso guys...You guys are the best

hugs from kat and Picasso

Monday, August 13, 2007

morning walks, by Picasso

So guys, every early morning, kat takes me, Snowy and Crystal for a walk in our area....The area where we live is so beautiful. Walking in the early morning is the best thing about it. Theonly ones who you see up are doggies, their owners and people who excersize at stuff. I wanted to introduce you to Doggles, the sweetest creature, who melted my heart. She is so much fun. I enjoy running like crazy with her look at us zoomI just love her :)

Here is a picture of me and Crystal following our leader, Snowy. Crystal and I going crazy in the water
I love this place and I will make sure to leave my signature somewhere here so that when I leave everyone remembers me
Here are some pictures of me in the garden

by the way, I will be meeting a lady tomorrow who I might be living with...Nervous!!!



Sunday, August 12, 2007

I have the right to choose my family, by Picasso

So mommy has a list of few people who are interested in adopting me. She talked to them on the phone, so I did not get the chance to meet anyone.

These people who kat talked to are good people. Not so easy to pick one, so what kat is gonna do is give me the right to pick my future family too :o) The one who i will get along with the most is the one who I will be living with my entire life ... We'll see...

I will keep you posted



Saturday, August 11, 2007

My First time at the beach, by Picasso

Hello everyone, hope you are having a wonderful weekend.
well today, I went to a very cool place with katkoota, Snowy and Crystal. I have never been to the beach before, and let me tell you: I had a blast. I loved the water; I enjoyed running with Snowy and Crystal. First I had to put the leash on, but then I was fine to run-free with the malts...Oh I just loved it. Here are some pictures I wanna share with you...
Me sniffing the sea water for the first time...smells like *fish*Oh!! the water feels coooooooooooooool!!! I am loving it!!Here I am, standing on a rock and smiling for the cameraHere is a group picture of all of us...Crystal was the only one who was in this pic mood.LOL!! Kat missed me YEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEHHAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!! THIS IS SO MUCH FUNHere is Kat's fave picture!! She saw us all go to the water I will soon be a rock climber
On our way home, I also saw the strangest looking car for the first time. Kat says that it is a lemo

just wonder who is in there!!
Finally, back home...
hey, let us outta the car
Snowy and Picasso: Hey Crystal, didn't you hear? yorkie in the middle!!!!
not a very good pic, but we are still cute :o)

Friday, August 10, 2007

First training session, by Picasso & Kat

Hello again guys,
So today I had my first training session with katkoota. It was my very first time to do such a thing, and let me tell you: I LOVED it...I was so excited (I'm always so excited LOL) that my tail did not stop wagging. I was introduced to Mr. clicker. At first, I was getting on top of katkoota, trying to get the treat. Then, I understood that I had to settle down, listen to the click and then the treat will come right into my mouth hehe.
This clicker thing is just sooo cool. I love it coz whenever its around, the treat is around too. Then, I moved to the next stage (learning how to *sit* in command). Katkoota wasn't planning to do it today, but when she saw me catching up to what she was trying to teach me really fast, she decided to move to the first basic trick (sit).
What I got so far from the (sit) command is that whenever my butt touches the ground, Mr. Clicker will make its sound and of course, the treat will follow. Katkoota still did not attach the word *sit*. She did not want to make the training session long. Besides, the malts where indoor and were not happy to stay there without us, so we had to be quick LOL
Katkoota to Picasso's blog readers:
Hi people, I just wanted to add something about Picasso here: I just LOVE his personality and I did enjoy teaching him today coz from today's training session, I kindda felt that he is the type of dog who enjoys learning (just like my Snowy). You see his wagging tail, and smiley face looking at you, and waiting for the next step (aaawwwww) I just LOVE him soooooooo much already. He is one smart, happy and funny pooch!!
Here is a clip of today. In the sit command, I couldn't manage to take good clips coz I couldn't train and record at the same time. It was gonna confuse me and him LOL
Enjoy this short clip:

Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nice to meet you too, by Picasso

Hi and welcome to my blog. First, let me introduce you to myself.

I am a 10 months old yorkshire terrier; born in October 26, 2006. I am a pup who hopes to find a forever family. I have been living with a family who did not care about me at all. They had me for about a month, and they did not even bother to teach anything. I spent most of my time in a cage. They did not give me chance to show them how smart I am; not a chance to show them how funny I can be; not a chance to show them how much love I can give, how loyal I can be; not a chance to be loved and taken care of; they did not give me a chance to let me experience how nice it can be to be around other dogs....It was horrible!!!!

However, my life as a normal dog started two days ago (August 7, 2007). I was sitting in my cage all alone. I heard my ex-owner's voice coming from outta the room where I was along with another voice that I did not recognize before. The door opened and I saw my ex-owner with two other ladies (one of them I knew before), but the other one I did not. I started whinning and whinning; trying my best to grab their attention. All I wanted was to leave the cage. The lady who I did not recognize came closer to the cage. She looked at me with those sad eyes. I looked back at her and continued whinning. The next thing I know is that she opened the cage and let me out. I thanked her by licking her face. She kissed me on my head and was like to my ex-owner "I'm taking him home"...............and here is how my life as a happy, wild pup started.

The lady who I am living with right now is called katkoota. I also live with her two maltese. I love them so much, but I really don't understand why does the female malt gets mad at me sometimes. Katkoota says that its because I *hump* and she doesn't like that.

I am so attached to kat already. I follow her everywhere around. Too bad that kat's family don't want more than two dogs at home :( I know that they have been nice to me, and already allowed me to stay in this house until I find my forever home, yet I also want them to allow me to live with kat forever.... Katkoota told me not to worry coz she will only let me go to the person who will give me what I really deserve....She also says that until the right person comes, she is gonna teach me many things. I'm gonna be one of the best pet anyone can ever dream of owning.

This blog was created by me and kat. I am wishing to become that *best pet*; Kat doesn't have a doubt: she says that I CAN and WILL make it....

Since I cannot live with Kat forever: I am also wishing to find the right, loving person. Kat promises to find me one !!

Anyways, here is my first music video. It is only about me introducing myself to the world

We are gonna start clicker training tomorrow. I don't know what that is, but kat says that it will be fun...lets see