Tuesday, August 14, 2007

meeting a lady, by katkoota

Hey guys, this is katkoota typing...

First of all, thanks for wishing Picasso good luck

I have some news here: the lady met him today and she seemed very nice to him. At first Picasso did not go close to her, but then when he saw Snowy and Crystal greet her, he went to say hello to her too She was so nice to him and he just ended us sitting on ler lap

I still did not tell her that she is the one for P yet.

I also talked to my good friend in Sweden. She recomended another nice guy living in Dubai who is in love with yorkies. He got one as well. Whatever my Swedish friend says is true LOL, especially when it comes to dog lovers people...I think that I will wait to meet him first....

We want to take it easy in finding the right place in order to come up with the best decision for Picasso :o) I LOVE him so much, it wont be easy letting him go coz I got attached to him - he is my shadow who follows me everywhere---Because I can't keep him, I want him to end up living with people who are crazy about dogs (just like me) to give him what he will be missing in our house

thank you for caring about Picasso guys...You guys are the best

hugs from kat and Picasso


Tofu Burger said...

Oh man... that is one tough spot to be in. I've (Nancy, Tofu's mama) only know you and Picasso through the blogs and we have already fallen in love with him too! Good Luck!


Boo said...

glad the "interview" went well. be sure to tell picasso it's he who interview the potential family and not the other way round.

S&C are used to be around with people am sure picasso will learn to socialise with human soon. i'm alright with human but not doggies (used to like doggies but not anymore coz some of them will hurt me).

wet wet licks


Linda and Bonnie said...

Trust your instincts, Kat. I'm glad the woman was nice, but there are alot of nice people who may or may not be right for Picasso. Keep searching for that perfect fit. We love you and support whatever you decide. Please, just keep posting with stories of Picasso and his exploits!


ToFFee said...

Hi Kat!

I got your email!

Did Snowy and Crystal convinced you yet on the pet parade? I had to know what they did... I'm having a h-a-r-d time convincing daddy!

As Linda and Bonnie said.. there are lots of people who would be nice but they may not be for the long run. Other's would want a pet just for having one but won't be taking care for it in the future. Sadly, we can;t somehow sense this immediately.

That's why we have lots of homeless pets.. it's these irresponsible people not caring for it. grrrrr.. makes me so unhappy. I want to visit K9 friends but I don't know if it will be allowed for us to go there.

Remember.. it's not the house but the home Picasso should have. The love the pawrents can give..

Goodluck! go with your feelings..
you take such fantastic care of S&C. I'm sure you can feel the magic from the people if it's the same as your passion.

Keep us posted!