Monday, August 27, 2007

Good-bye Katkoota, Hello Lindsey, by Picasso

Hello everybody, today was the day that I said good-bye to kat, Snowy and Crystal; said hello to my new *forever* mommy. It was not easy at all to leave the crazy gang's house. My new mommy's name is Lindsey. She is a very sweet Australian lady who lives/works in Dubai with her boyfriend and three other ladies. She knows alot about us doggies. She is a funny friendly lady who is just as crazy as kat about dogs!!!
At around 4:30 pm she arrived at our place. Naughty me was playing with Snowy and Crystal's yellow duckie when she arrived. I saw her come in to the living room with Kat. I went and sniffed her then faced kat and started to wag my tail wanting to play. Kat and Lindsey sat and talked about me. I was just busy pulling duckie's fur; while doing so (and acting crazy with duckie), Lindsey couldn't help it but crack up laughing at goofy me......I went after I was done with duckie right to kat. I jumped at the sofa and started to ask kat to play with me. I kept on hearing Lindsey say that I was so very cute and funny. When Lindsey put me on her lap, I was so calm and quiet coz it was my first time to meet her (kat says that I will get used to her and love her as much as I loved kat)

Lindsey loved my name. She studied art at university and says that I look like a paint brush with this hair cut (lots of hair on the head and less on the body), so she is not gonna change my name. By the way, my ex-owners named me Picasso and it never got changed to kat and now to Lindsey.

When it was time for Lindsey to leave, I thought that I was supposed to say goodbye to her, but she was like to me, "lets go and meet the rest at your new home Picasso". Kat grabbed me and gave me a VERY BIG hug!! told me to take good care of myself. She said that I will be missed so bad here, and gave me one of her famous kisses on my precious head. I ,as always, gave her plenty of doggie kisses with my tiny, pink tongue.
Kat said that she is gonna visit me at my new place tomorrow and we will soon be going to the beach *all of us*.

Right after I reached my new place, Lindsey called kat to tell her that I was doing fine. Lindsey is already in love with me. I already made her laugh (am really good at that). She also said that I will be joining her to visit Australia when she goes on vacation (even though Australia has strict rules when emporting a pet, yet she will still take me with her) she does sound like katkoota to me!!

Here is another pic of me and my happy mommy!!

Thank you all for caring about me guys. Thanks for visiting my blog and for all the support that you gave me and katkoota. Am gonna miss her too, but I will VERY VERY soon fall in love with Lindsey.
I also wanted to say good-bye to everyone here since my journey in finding a forever home has ended. Its time to settle down in my new home; continue living as a normal, happy dog
LOTS OF LOVE are being sent from me to you all


Linda and Bonnie said...

Tears in my eyes, Kat. Sad for you, but happy for Picasso and Lindsey. She sounds like a wonderful mom. Thank you for taking Picasso from his former bad life and doing this for him. Truly, Kat, it was a supreme act of love.

Linda and Bonnie

Boo said...

i'm so glad picasso you found your forever home! i'm sure lindsey will love you and adore you like kat with you too.

wet wet licks


ToFFee said...

Hey Picasso!

maybe we could meet up at the beach one of these days too..

will Lindsey continue your bloggie? we would love to hear from you too!


renata & mac said...

OMG!!! I'm so happy for picasso Kat!! but I can't stop crying!!!
it might have been really hard for you... I think I could never do that. I would keep all foster dogs forever!!!

that' was a beautiful thing you've done kat!

Anonymous said...

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