Friday, August 10, 2007

First training session, by Picasso & Kat

Hello again guys,
So today I had my first training session with katkoota. It was my very first time to do such a thing, and let me tell you: I LOVED it...I was so excited (I'm always so excited LOL) that my tail did not stop wagging. I was introduced to Mr. clicker. At first, I was getting on top of katkoota, trying to get the treat. Then, I understood that I had to settle down, listen to the click and then the treat will come right into my mouth hehe.
This clicker thing is just sooo cool. I love it coz whenever its around, the treat is around too. Then, I moved to the next stage (learning how to *sit* in command). Katkoota wasn't planning to do it today, but when she saw me catching up to what she was trying to teach me really fast, she decided to move to the first basic trick (sit).
What I got so far from the (sit) command is that whenever my butt touches the ground, Mr. Clicker will make its sound and of course, the treat will follow. Katkoota still did not attach the word *sit*. She did not want to make the training session long. Besides, the malts where indoor and were not happy to stay there without us, so we had to be quick LOL
Katkoota to Picasso's blog readers:
Hi people, I just wanted to add something about Picasso here: I just LOVE his personality and I did enjoy teaching him today coz from today's training session, I kindda felt that he is the type of dog who enjoys learning (just like my Snowy). You see his wagging tail, and smiley face looking at you, and waiting for the next step (aaawwwww) I just LOVE him soooooooo much already. He is one smart, happy and funny pooch!!
Here is a clip of today. In the sit command, I couldn't manage to take good clips coz I couldn't train and record at the same time. It was gonna confuse me and him LOL
Enjoy this short clip:


Linda and Bonnie said...

YAY!! Picasso is so smart! All he needed was someone to stimulate his brain, and you are that someone, Kat. Will you fly to New York and train Bonnie, please??
xoxo from Linda and Bonnie

Boo said...

picasso, you are smart! maybe you already know some tricks before kat teaches you!

wet wet licks


Picasso said...

Linda - I would love to visit NYC to meet the sweetest maltese and her sweet mommy.

awwwwww!! I wont mind teaching her tricks
LOL I think that I will be squeezing her all the time during the training session



to Boo - thank you cutie Boo :o)My best trick is to act cute in front of kat LOL



ToFFee said...

you are one frisky pup! tail wagging.. you sure are happy!

I sit for treats too.. but my pawrents don't know it yet.. because once I see the treats i go jumping! then sit.. then jump again..

you are soo smart.. I like that clicking sound too.. espawcially if treats are there..


Bella said...

that is so fantastic how happy & smart the little guy is. I wish you could send him to me all the way over here in Australia !!
Well done Kat.

Picasso said...

Toffee - you wont believe how happy kat is with my smartness :o)

Bella - oh I would love to live with your fluff gang ;) too bad you live far away :(