Thursday, August 23, 2007

Updates, by Picasso

Hello again guys,
well I have some updates
First of all, I finally met Kat's little borther, and I just LOVE him. I did not know when I first met him that he could be that fun. Kat is just too happy. Kat's little bro is one good fetch player. He is as energetic as I am: throws the ball for me ALL the time to fetch; his laughter makes my tail does a "speed wag"!!
kat gotta take some pictures of the two of us together

Here is the other news:
kat spoke to an Australian lady today regarding adopting me. From just the phone conversation, kat strongly felt that that lady was *the one* for me. Kat and her talk for VERY long time; chatting mainly about me, but then also talked about Snowy, Crystal and the lady's little terrier. kat says that she enjoyed talking to her. Kat did mention to the lady that whoever will adopt me, will get sick of her (kat) coz she will be checking on me from time to time, visiting me and stuff. That lady's reaction was like : we will also hang out together with all the dogs ....

Kat will call her again next Sunday to arrange a meeting..Kat never met that lady so we will see


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