Tuesday, August 21, 2007

What a difference, by Picasso

Hello everyone,
This is me again. Hope all are doing great. So kat took some photos of me lastnight, and now we wanted to share them with you
I am changing day after day; becoming a better pet. The first day I got to this house, I knew nobody, but kat.

She taught me how is it great to have a best *human* freind. We are partners when it comes to training.

I was not so sure with evrybody though. I was a bit scared because the people who I was living with were mean. So I thought that all human are mean!! Kat's family were nice to me, especially Kat's younger sister. I still did not meet the whole family in person. They heard about me, but we did not meet. I heard that kat has a little brother too, but I did not meet him yet. He is still in Germany with kat's mommy. kat thinks that her lil bro will be a great teacher to me; he is coming back tomorrow, late at night since school starts again on September. I don't know how will I act when seeing him, but kat says that he would be a great teacher to teach me how to not be scared from kids too.

Meeting few more/new people taught me not to stay away from anyone I see for the first time. I still bark at first, but then when they are sweet with me, I just start wagging my tail to them :) The same thing with new dogs except for the doggies who live in our area (I love them all)

One of the things that I also learnt is: to pose for the camera. I stay still, wait for kat to take my pictures then I get a teart :) Take a look at this pic; we have more similar to it ... all of me looking/posing at the camera
am I handsome or what?!

and this is how I look like when I try to tell kat "enough with the photos, lets play now"or I can also attract one of the malts to play with me, by doing this...Here I was doing it to Snowy oh and lastnight, I played with doggie toys for the first time. I never knew how to play with them. Even when kat offered me some toys the first time she brought me home, but I actually played with them lastnight, and now anytime I sit -doing nothing special-, you see me shake one of there toys. I love to play with them. They are so much fun
Here is a clip of me playing with the musical furby

Thanks for stopping by my blog. Thanks for caring about me =) I love you all



Boo said...

oh picasso, toys are the bestest friends when no dogs or human around for us to torture! LOL

how's the adoption campaign going for now?

wet wet licks


Linda and Bonnie said...

Picasso - Bonnie and I are so happy that you learned to pose!! We love pictures of you. And we're thrilled that you are getting to like toys. You're turning into a bona fide puppy now, with your own likes, etc. Way to go!!! Love and tail wags--

Tofu Burger said...

Toys are the best aren't they? Soon you'll have a closet full of your own! Just be sure to leave them all over the house.... so one is never too far away!