Monday, August 13, 2007

morning walks, by Picasso

So guys, every early morning, kat takes me, Snowy and Crystal for a walk in our area....The area where we live is so beautiful. Walking in the early morning is the best thing about it. Theonly ones who you see up are doggies, their owners and people who excersize at stuff. I wanted to introduce you to Doggles, the sweetest creature, who melted my heart. She is so much fun. I enjoy running like crazy with her look at us zoomI just love her :)

Here is a picture of me and Crystal following our leader, Snowy. Crystal and I going crazy in the water
I love this place and I will make sure to leave my signature somewhere here so that when I leave everyone remembers me
Here are some pictures of me in the garden

by the way, I will be meeting a lady tomorrow who I might be living with...Nervous!!!




Boo said...

oh picasso, i was just saying you look like a lion at snowy + crystal's blog. you have a lion's tail you know that?

i'm wishing you all the best for tomorrow's interview with the new family.

wet wet licks


Picasso said...

Thank you Boo :o)

LOL my tail has a funny styl Haha!! I guess its the hair cut..

Kat sometimes tells me that I look funny and cute with this hair style LOL


Linda and Bonnie said...

Picasso, you just get cuter every day! I'll keep my fingers crossed for you tomorrow. I hope the lady is very nice, and deserving of you. All I want for you is a happy and loving home.


Tofu Burger said...

Good luck Picasso! I hope they are good people and must continue your blog. You have so much to say and I love to see your adventures!!!


Bella said...

Looks like a fun walk.
Good luck with finding your perfect match forever home.

ToFFee said...

I hope you get to have a fun family and won't abandon you again Picasso!

hey! ask your mom (Kat) to take you to that parade! I placed it in my blog..

I'm ssoooo excited! I just want to watch.. Mommy says if there's a competition for fat fat then I can join.. bad mommy.

Hope to see you guys there. I left mommy's email on Snowy and Crystal's blog.


Boo said...

hey picasso, how's the interview go? do u like them? i hope you like them.

wet wet licks