Thursday, August 9, 2007

Nice to meet you too, by Picasso

Hi and welcome to my blog. First, let me introduce you to myself.

I am a 10 months old yorkshire terrier; born in October 26, 2006. I am a pup who hopes to find a forever family. I have been living with a family who did not care about me at all. They had me for about a month, and they did not even bother to teach anything. I spent most of my time in a cage. They did not give me chance to show them how smart I am; not a chance to show them how funny I can be; not a chance to show them how much love I can give, how loyal I can be; not a chance to be loved and taken care of; they did not give me a chance to let me experience how nice it can be to be around other dogs....It was horrible!!!!

However, my life as a normal dog started two days ago (August 7, 2007). I was sitting in my cage all alone. I heard my ex-owner's voice coming from outta the room where I was along with another voice that I did not recognize before. The door opened and I saw my ex-owner with two other ladies (one of them I knew before), but the other one I did not. I started whinning and whinning; trying my best to grab their attention. All I wanted was to leave the cage. The lady who I did not recognize came closer to the cage. She looked at me with those sad eyes. I looked back at her and continued whinning. The next thing I know is that she opened the cage and let me out. I thanked her by licking her face. She kissed me on my head and was like to my ex-owner "I'm taking him home"...............and here is how my life as a happy, wild pup started.

The lady who I am living with right now is called katkoota. I also live with her two maltese. I love them so much, but I really don't understand why does the female malt gets mad at me sometimes. Katkoota says that its because I *hump* and she doesn't like that.

I am so attached to kat already. I follow her everywhere around. Too bad that kat's family don't want more than two dogs at home :( I know that they have been nice to me, and already allowed me to stay in this house until I find my forever home, yet I also want them to allow me to live with kat forever.... Katkoota told me not to worry coz she will only let me go to the person who will give me what I really deserve....She also says that until the right person comes, she is gonna teach me many things. I'm gonna be one of the best pet anyone can ever dream of owning.

This blog was created by me and kat. I am wishing to become that *best pet*; Kat doesn't have a doubt: she says that I CAN and WILL make it....

Since I cannot live with Kat forever: I am also wishing to find the right, loving person. Kat promises to find me one !!

Anyways, here is my first music video. It is only about me introducing myself to the world

We are gonna start clicker training tomorrow. I don't know what that is, but kat says that it will be fun...lets see




Linda and Bonnie said...

I had to watch the video again, Kat. It makes my heart swell to see Picasso so happy and free, finally, of the caged life he only knew before. Just think of how happy you've made him already. :-)

Picasso said...

yay!! sweet Bonnie and her mommy are the first people to comment *tones of hugs are sent to you guys*

Thank you for caring about Picasso

I am so happy to see him happy =)


Lina said...

Picasso - You are one happy, hoppity puppy.
Great blog and great job that Kat is doing with you - keep this up and her real mommy and daddy might want to keep you in that nice house with the nice yard !!!

Picasso said...

wow - here is another good friend of kat :o)

Thanks for stopping by my blog :o)

I do wish that I could stay with kat and the malts...I mean, I amdoing such a great time adjusting with the rest of the family... You sometimes don't understand those house rules :(

Anonymous said...

i love dogs! i hope you find a sweet loving home little dog all the best!

Anonymous said...

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